Non-infill installation instructions

NON-infill turf can be installed inside or outside.  When installing over a concrete pad or asphalt it is recommended you glue to install either a non-padded or padded turf. The backing of both a non-padded or padded turf is made of polyurethane.   We recommend you buy your turf glue, turf seam tape and sundries from TurfBond 770-926-0004 or   When gluing to different surfaces it’s important to get the proper glue. You can not glue your turf to the existing carpet. Turf glue is not compatible with carpet. When installing padded turf outside, the pad will not break down but will retain some water, therefore, taking it longer to dry.

You can install a non-infill turf over compacted crushed stone.  Some non-infill turfs have drain holes and that is indicated in the description.  If it does not have drain holes it is recommended you create a slight grade to allow for water runoff.  Working in sand, silica sand is recommended,  on top of the turf helps the turf stay in place.  The amount of sand will depend on the style.

The selvage, the fabric edge found on both sides of the turf, has to be trimmed with a straight edge and sharp razor knife from the backing of turf prior to installation.

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