Low pile infill sports turf installation instructions

Prep your base:

Dig out approximately 3-4” of your ground and line with a weed barrier. Then fill in with crushed granite, limestone, OR #57 gravel.  Compact the stone. You want to create a firm porous base.

Determining Roll Sizes:

The lawn turf is sold in the width indicated on the website. Most are sold 15’ or 15’2” and although we don’t cut the width, we can cut your length(s). The blades of the turf should be pointing in the same direction when you roll out the rolls.

Trim Selvage or Trim to Size:

Position your turf and using a sharp razor knife trim selvage or trim to size from the backing of the turf. Make sure the grain of the grass fibers point in the same direction at installation.

Seam if Necessary:

Using a turf seam kit (seam tape and glue) you can get from Home Depot or Turf Bond website, seam the pieces together.

Secure Edges:

Secure edges with landscape hooks or stakes, you can get at Home Depot.


Using a fertilizer spreader and a plastic rake work in approximately 1 lb per sq ft of sand, silica sand is recommended and on top of sand work in approximately 1 lb per sq ft of crumb rubber pellet infill, to help hold turf in place and hold up turf blades. Ideally filling with crumb rubber pellet infill to within 1/4” to the top of the blade.

It’s best to source crumb rubber pellet infill as close to the installation location as to save on freight. Liberty Tire Recycling is a nationwide crumb rubber distributor 706-602-0072. If located in Pennsylvania or the surrounding area, Mahantango Enterprises 717-991-4953

Infill turf has drain holes for adequate drainage.

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