Terms and Conditions


  1. No returns or claims will be accepted on any products.
  2. No claims will be accepted if goods are cut, sponged, or installed.
  3. If negotiated, on cancelled or claimed orders, the customer will incur a restocking fee of 30% of the billed invoice plus freight to return the goods, with the exception of custom orders.
  4. No returns or claims on custom orders.


  1. No claims or returns unless authorized in writing by the mill.
  2. No credits will be issued until all returned merchandise is received in the same condition it left.
  3. Goods are primarily promotional and seconds.
  4. Cuts or installation of goods with visible defects voids all claims.


  1. We do not insure safe delivery of goods.
  2. The transportation company’s receipt relieves Shelton Carpet Enterprises, Inc. of all responsibility, and any claim for damages in transit should be made immediately to the Agent at the Point of Delivery.


  1. Interest will be charged on all overdue invoices.
  2. Terms begin from the date of the invoice, not from the date of arrival of goods.
  3. If legal action is necessary for any reason, the customer will be responsible for all legal feeds incurred by Shelton Carpet Enterprises, Inc.
  4. All returned checks will be assessed a $35.00 fee.